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The Philippines is “the most vulnerable country in the world facing multiple climate hazards.” *The Philippines faces an average of 20 typhoons a year, on top of historical conflict, and other natural hazards like volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

We aim to support and enable changemakers to lead in times of complexity with tools and approaches in becoming an ecosystem leader.

*Global Peace Index in 2019


The leaders of tomorrow need not just be systems thinkers, but whole systems thinkers. As the COVID-19 pandemic brings new levels of challenges for many changemakers around the world, a whole new level of leadership is required to respond to already existing natural and human-made emergencies and crises.

From a holistic approach, we recognize that silo thinking limits solutions from achieving long term impact. To co-create liveable and thriving communities, we need to design the relationships between social, cultural, economic, and ecological ecosystems together.

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