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Covid19 Recovery and Regenerative Projects Scaling

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Green Releaf Initiative Inc.

Bank of the Philippine Islands

Checking Account # 9081 0030 57
Guadalupe Branch, Cebu City

Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company

Current Account # 7398 5202 26Guadalupe Branch, Cebu City


Green Releaf is raising resources for scaling its solutions after prototyping them for the last 3 years. We intended to do this from March to June this year but the covid19 pandemic happened.

Our donors were affected and our access to our community partners were also challenged over the last few months. We are raising funds to prepare for long term programs for the scaling of our work by supporting our partner communities, documenting our work for our training, and recover operational expenses.



Green Releaf has intended to scale its prototyped projects for disaster relief and recovery after emergencies and for disaster prevention through ecosystem based DRR with its partner sites in the Philippine starting March this year. We also meant to formally implement our regenerative livelihood programs with these community partners around this period. However, covid19 has also affected our donors. A new project with another partner that was meant to start this year has recently been postponed to next year also because of the pandemic. We have tried to fundraise the last few months but most funding aligned to our work are more likely to be funded next year. Thus, we are aiming to raise the needed resources so we can continue our work in the interim. 



Between now until December 31, 2020, we are aiming to raise transition funds at USD 5,000 to help meet our intentions to continue our work in our partner communities and to prepare for their replication with new community partners especially with those affected by the covid19 pandemic. We are looking for 125 monthly pledgers to meet our goal.



Our long term aim is to ensure that our community partners will help restore their degraded ecosystem through the regenerative livelihood programs that we had intended to formalize earlier this year. To add to this, by documenting our training and modules with our trained grassroots leaders, we can develop digital and printed materials for replication in new partner sites we are starting to work with including those affected by the impacts of the pandemic. We also aim to recover some minor operational expenses that our founders have bootstrapped to keep us afloat over the last few months. 


Email us at hello.greenreleaf[a] for inquiries. 

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