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Gardens of Hope

Our first permaculture designed community garden with a simple composting system, and nursery for 500 ++ Marawi IDPs at Ma'ha Al-Nor Madrasa in Iligan City through our permaculture team led by Raymond Mendoza and Reymondje R. Apinohonn, assisted byJaff M. Abdulwahabb and the IDPs and madrasa leaders themselves. We had a great time asking them what edible and medicinal plants they use that we could grow.

We consulted the IDPs on what edible and medicinal plants they wanted to grow. We were surprised at their existing practices of using medicinal herbs. Check out the list on the slideshow.

We also engaged in the local leadership and management of the garden. These leaders are:

1. Haji Amer Ali 2. Amroden Amer 3. Najib Naga 4. Amiladen Pondiong 5. Rayan Monib 6. Salak Parantis 7. Saidar Ali 8. Haifah Didaagun 9. Sobaira Ambor 10. Labi Ampuan

Here are additional volunteers who want to learn more about the garden who expressed participation in the next activities:

11. Nasser Barager 12. Alibasher Pindaton 13. Bidori Pundamdag 14. Gaco Abubacar 15. Lawansa Ditingki.

In September we will prototype some container gardening alternatives as the Madrasa has a small space for earthworks. We are also preparing to replicate in another evacuation center soon.

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