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Living Food Releaf for Marawi IDPs

Two months since the Marawi siege, many of the 400,000 displaced people are still eating relief goods. Regular consumption of MSG and preservatives laden donated canned goods and instant noodles can hamper health and well-being for the IDPs in recovery from trauma and stress. Sometimes they can buy vegetables but only if they have money to set aside.

We are supporting with an alternative in a small way, in partnership with Pailig Development Foundation, Inc. and OrganiKo, its social enterprise for organic produce from their partner farmers from the hinterlands of Iligan City.

For Php 30 per brown bag, a family can receive 4 kinds of organic vegetables that are available depending on the harvest. We advise 2 bags if the family members are beyond 5 children. As you are helping the IDPs you are also helping organic farmers at the same time!

For our pilot site for permaculture and ecovillage design solutions - Ma'had Al-Nor Madrasa in Iligan City, we are inviting donors of 200 brownbags for 160 families of 501 individuals. We are adding 40 extra combining the veggies for families with more than 5 children. With a delivery charge of Php 300, the total per bag is Php 31.50 or USD 0.62

Next month we start with our community garden on site but this would take time for harvest to benefit all IDPs in this center. Thus, we want to deliver these packs every two weeks in support. For a total of Php 6,300 per week, we can provide healthier alternatives for our brothers and sisters from Marawi.

If interested to support, please fill up this google form and we will contact you on next steps:

As we test this system, we can also study helping other evacuation center sponsors who are interested. Please feel free to reach out for more information.

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