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Engaging Women and Youth Together

Originally we had hoped to raise funds to come up with a youth camp for April / May of this year to support youth leaders of Barangay Batug in Dulag, Leyte to model their community as a learning site while helping them set up their resource center and garden. The project's aim was to support them to have alternative income to support their studies by hosting other youth who will learn from them.

However because of limited funds raised and an opportunity offered by two grant applications, we have decided to support the mothers of these youth leaders as well given that the summer break period when the youth are free for our workshops is about to end.

During our first leadership workshop, it turns out that more mothers wanted to join so all in all we have 30 mothers and 17 youth leaders to work with! Our focus has renewed to help them have livelihood support while ensuring food security.

Last June, through the initial funds raised, we were able to hold a leadership workshop with them with One Block for Batug, our NGO partner.

So far we have:

  • Conducted a leadership workshop and resource mapping to study the resources, skills, and capacities the leaders have to enter a livelihood project using ecosystems based adaptation

  • Toured some of these leaders to Red Cross Livelihood project sites where they experienced ways typhoon survivors recovered through organic vermicomposting and production of vegetable noodles.

  • Visited the Climate Change Research and Development Department of the Visayas State University and engaged the leaders with an inquiry on climate change and how to adapt to it with their farming and livelihood projects.

Recently we have raised an additional amount to help us continue with

  • Personal Formation for Leadership to prepare the leaders from within.

  • Invite the Climate Change Research and Adaptation department of the Visayas State University to visit Batug to do a climate change workshop and study of their ecosystems to help design their livelihood together with habitat restoration.

We are raising more funds to be able to:

  • Hire a person to help the leaders put their proposals together for the Department of Agriculture, Department of Labor and Employment, TESDA, and the Department of Trade and Industry so the resources, skills training, and other needs may be accessible for them.

  • Hold another learning tour to other Red Cross sites like the virgin coconut oil production, organic farming production, as well as visit the bamboo livelihood project by the Visayas State University

This entire month of August, we hope the leaders benefit from learning about how to become resilient in their farming practices, in the use of natural resources and protecting their eroding riverbank, while designing livelihood based on permaculture principles of earth care, people care, and fair share.

We Thank Maria Marasigan and Terence Osorio for leading our workshops. We also thank Edouard Panciulo for his volunteer assistance for our activities.

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